We know that dentists lead busy lives, so let us take care of your waste, compliance and safety needs so that you can focus on keeping your patients and staff smiling.

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With PureWay’s services, you can be sure that not only the animals that you lovingly treat are safe, but that your staff and the environment are healthy as well.

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Home Care

For home care providers, PureWay has several waste disposal options that can be mixed and matched depending on the volume of waste generated. Just as you take great care of loved ones or patients in the comfort of their own home, let us take care of your compliance needs.

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Clinic & Pharmacy

The complex chemical nature behind much of the waste produced by clinics and pharmacies requires special care and attention. No matter how much or what kind of waste your clinic or pharmacy generates, PureWay has the right solution to keep your office compliant and your patients, staff and the planet healthy.

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Navigating through confusing regulatory laws on your own can be quite overwhelming, especially when you are also managing your own business at the same time. But don’t worry—you can rely on PureWay to give you the peace of mind that your tattoo shop is fully compliant. We provide the waste disposal services, education and compliance training you need, so that you can focus on more important things like giving your clients custom wearable works-of-art.

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