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Providing Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Safe Sharps Mail Back Solutions To Support Patient Support Programs

Sharps Containers and Disposal

Increasing regulations are forcing pharmaceutical manufactures to source disposal solutions for their patient's therapy waste.  From auto-injectors to syringes, patients and the government are becoming more aware of the risks associated with the generation and disposal of this waste in a home setting. 


PureWay's Sharps Mail Back System

PureWay manufactures sharps containers and sharps disposal by mail systems for the safe transportation and disposal of sharps and other healthcare related waste.  All containers are FDA 510k approved sharps containers and each system as been tested and approved through the united states postal service (USPS).  

Sharps Mail Back
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Sharps Disposal

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers - Customization Options

As a manufacture PureWay can customize every aspect of the customer experience with our systems.  Customization options include:

  • Outer packaging
  • Container labeling
  • Instructions for use
  • Additional brand collateral inserts
  • Full branded and automated communication alerts to patients

Patient Support Program Tracking & Documentation

 PureWay has developed proprietary software for pharmaceutical manufactureres that tracks the full life cycle for each sharps systems from initial shipment, through return and disopsal.  Reporting capabilities with this software include:

  • Total weight of returned systems (tare weights calculate actual weight of items returned)
  • Number of systems returned 
  • Number of systems still in use
  • Alerts for potential abuse
  • Automated certificates of disposal created and e-mailed to patients or brand team administrators
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