Amalgam Separators in Illinois

Save $150 on your amalgam Separator install!

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amalgam separators

Amalgam Separators in Illinois

New EPA Guidelines require certain dentist to install and maintain a amalgam separator in their dental office.  These new standards for recycling of dental amalgam waste were put into place July 14, 2017.  PureWay™ is a leading Amalgam Separator supplier in the US and is currently providing a $150 rebate towards the installation of a Amalgam Separator.  Request your $150 rebate today and let PureWay help you find the right separator for your office!

Amalgam Separators and Amalgam Waste Recycling in Illinois and in nearby cities such as

Amalgam Separators Illinois
    • Milwaukee, IL
    • Madison, IL
    • Fort Wayne, IL
    • Indianapolis, IL
    • Toledo, IL
    • Detroit, IL
    • Windsor, IL
    • Cincinnati, IL
    • Saint Louis, IL
    • Louisville, IL
    • Columbus, IL
    • Cleveland, IL
    • Akron, IL
    • Lexington, IL
    • Saint Paul, IL
    • Minneapolis, IL
    • Kitchener, IL
    • Nashville, IL
    • Hamilton, IL
    • Pittsburgh, IL
    • Kansas City, IL
    • Omaha, IL
    • Memphis, IL
    • Birmingham, IL
    • Lombard, IL
    • Brookfield, IL
    • Rosemont, IL
    • Hobart, IL
    • Countryside, IL
    • Crest Hill, IL

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