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What is the PureWay difference?  PureWay offers solutions for better healthcare compliance and waste disposal for many different waste streams including bio waste disposal.

We are a compliance and medical waste company servicing all 50 states and offering versatile waste solutions for all your bio hazard waste disposal and more. With over 80 years industry experience, our team of problem solving experts will ensure your facility reduces cost and maintains compliance.  


Our Objective: PureWay looks forward to helping healthcare facilities and homes with trusted waste collection and disposal services. Our goal is to provide safe, convenient and easy to use disposal systems for all of your waste disposal needs like bio waste disposal and more.

PureWay manages all aspects of the product lifecycle and ensures that all waste are manage in an environmentally friendly way.


Services Available


Medical Waste Disposal

Sharps disposal & medical waste disposal for businesses and residents in the US

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Patient Support Programs

Secure and safe sharps disposal programs managed by PureWay for pharmaceutical manufactures

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Amalgam Separation & Recycling

EPA regulations are in effect. We offer the complete solution to dental amalgam waste management

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OSHA & Infection Control Compliance

Site specific OSHA & infection control programs that simplify the process of attaining and managing compliance

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Total Compliance, Total Convenience.

PureWay’s DocHub Compliance portal documents, tracks and communicates key compliance alerts for all of our waste disposal solutions to ensure regulatory compliance is attained and maintained.

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Compliance Solutions

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Waste Removal

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Infection Control

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PureWay Services all 50 States


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