Amalgam Separators in New York

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Amalgam Separators NY

New EPA Guidelines require certain dentist to install and maintain a amalgam separator in their dental office.  These new standards for recycling of dental amalgam waste were put into place July 14, 2017.  PureWay™ is a leading Amalgam Separator supplier in the US and is currently providing a $150 rebate towards the installation of a Amalgam Separator.  Request your $150 rebate today and let PureWay help you find the right separator for your office!

Amalgam Separators and Amalgam Waste Recycling in New York and in nearby cities such as

    • New Rochelle, NY
    • Norwich, NY
    • Rochester, NY
    • Yonkers, NY
    • Montgomery, NY
    • Fulton, NY
    • Columbia, NY
    • Jefferson, NY
    • Warren, NY
    • St. Lawrence, NY
    • Albany, NY
    • Amsterdam, NY
    • Beacon, NY
    • Binghamton, NY
    • Buffalo, NY
    • Geneva, NY
    • Hudson, NY
    • Kingston, NY
    • Middletown, NY
    • Mount Vernon, NY
    • Cattaraugus, NY
    • Madison, NY
    • Troy, NY
    • Utica, NY
    • Long Beach, NY
    • Mechanicville, NY
    • Gloversville, NY
    • Hornell, NY
    • Tompkins, NY
    • Westchester, NY

Interesting facts about New York

  • Except for emergencies, honking your car horn is actually illegal in New York City.
  • There is a skyscraper with no windows
  • New Yorkers bite 10 times more people per year than sharks do

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