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PureWay is Waste & OSHA compliance made easy.

From convenient waste management solutions to site-specific OSHA compliance and infection control training. The total compliance program includes access to our dedicated support team to help you at every stage of the compliance process, from planning and preparation to execution and documentation.


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PureWay Mail Back Systems in 4 Steps

1. Order your PureWay Sharps Disposal by Mail System and we ship directly to your office or home.
2. Remove the container and fill with sharps and other healthcare materials defined in the instructions (ALWAYS KEEP THE BOX, THIS IS YOUR PREPAID RETURN BOX AS WELL).
3. Once your container is full, use the lid provided to seal the container and then return the container to the original shipping box for shipping. All materials to properly package and ship your system are included with the instructions.
4. Once your system is properly packaged and ready to be returned you have three options:
Give the system to your regular carrier, the prepaid return shipping label is already included with the system
Take the system to a local shipping office and drop it off or call PureWay at (877) 765-3030 and schedule a pickup or visit us online at pureway.com to schedule a pickup.

There is an easy, convenient and more affordable way. PureWay.

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Medical Waste Disposal

Sharps disposal & medical waste disposal for businesses and residents in the US

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Patient Support Programs

Secure and safe sharps disposal programs managed by PureWay for pharmaceutical manufactures

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Amalgam Separation & Recycling

EPA regulations are in effect. We offer the complete solution to dental amalgam waste management

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OSHA & Infection Control Compliance

Site specific OSHA & infection control programs that simplify the process of attaining and managing compliance

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