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Safe Needle Disposal

Safe Needle Disposal is of great concern for dentist, veterinarians, pharmacies and patients that self inject at home.  It is very important that every dental office, veterinary hospital or at home injector, safely disposes their needles or syringes in a sharps container.  PureWay has created a safe and secure SafeNeedle disposal shipping system that includes a sharps container and secure shipping box to safely dispose of used needles, syringes, etc. 


Options for Safe Needle Disposal in Harris County, TX

Our convenient, safe needle disposal systems (available in sizes ranging from 1-quart to 28-gallon systems) include disposal containers and a pre-paid shipping box for recycling. There are no contracts, minimum purchases or fuel surcharges. Simply choose your preferred size and purchase as needed – it’s that easy!

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Safe Practices for Safe Needle Disposal

Be smart and contain your sharps and needles after use.  Sharps disposal containers now come with mail back options and can be shipped directly to your home.  After an injection is complete, activate the safety feature for your auto-injector or safety syringe, if available, and quickly place your syringe or sharps needles into a sharps disposal container immediately.  Keep this container in a safe place away from children and pets.  Once full, simply use the prepaid shipping label to safely ship  your sharps container for disposal.

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Safe Needle Disposal -Disposing of full sharps disposal containers

Do you have a collection of full containers already at your residence?  We recommend you order a collection bin system to safely container all your sharps and needle disposal containers.  A collection bin mail back system can also be used to ship in your own full sharps containers when full.  Follow the same process as the smaller systems and simply give the fully packaged collection bin system like a 28 gallon disposal by mail system to your regular mail carrier and all the sharps, syringes and diabetic needles will be shipped directly to a certified treatment facility for safe disposal.

Collection Bin Sizes:

28 Gallon Sharps Disposal System

18 Gallon Sharps Disposal System

8 Gallon Sharps Disposal System

5 Gallon Sharps Disposal System

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Safe Needle Disposal - Collection Bin 28 Gallon
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