Lines Cleaner for Dentistry

Coolant, Lubricant and Cleaner for The Dental Industry
Lines Cleaner and Lubricant


Lines - Its All In Good Taste

Lines is the complete solution for portable water fed instumentarium.  Lines Cleaner can be used as a lubricant for hygenic procedures or routine maintenance.

  • Reduces burnt smells and bad tastes
  • Extends the life of your equipment
  • Can replace instrument water source as a coolant/lubricant


 FDA     DIN   CE

Surface Disinfectant

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Universal Device Detergent

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Instrument and Device Wipes

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Clean Suction or Evacuation

BioVac Evacuation Line Cleaner
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Protecting The Environment - Protecting You

PureWay is the Master Supplier for all Micrylium products in North America.  All Micrylium products represent the pinnacle of infection control products keeping not only your employees safe but the environment safe as well. 

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