New York, NY Medical Waste Disposal and Sharps Disposal 

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New York Medical Waste Disposal
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New York, NY Medical Waste Disposal

New York, NY Safe Treatment and Disposal

PureWay™ utilizes the best equipment to safely treat and dispose of your medical waste all the while making our best effort to preserve and protect the environment. We currently utilize 4 licensed and permitted medical waste disposal facilities to treat and dispose of waste which are strategically placed throughout the country. This helps reduce shipping cost, carbon emissions and time that it takes for your office to receive your proof of destruction.

Medical Waste Disposal in New York, NY also includes service in nearby cities such as

New York Sharps Disposal and Medical Waste Disposal Services
  • Albany, NY
  • Amsterdam, NY
  • Beacon, NY
  • Binghamton, NY
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Geneva, NY
  • Hudson, NY
  • Kingston, NY
  • Middletown, NY
  • Mount Vernon, NY
  • New Rochelle, NY
  • Norwich, NY
  • Rochester, NY
  • Yonkers, NY
  • Montgomery, NY
  • Fulton, NY
  • Columbia, NY
  • Jefferson, NY
  • Warren, NY
  • St. Lawrence, NY
  • Cattaraugus, NY
  • Madison, NY
  • Troy, NY
  • Utica, NY
  • Long Beach, NY
  • Mechanicville, NY
  • Gloversville, NY
  • Hornell, NY
  • Tompkins, NY
  • Westchester, NY

Interesting fact about New York

    • New York City has 722 miles of subway track.

    • Oneida is home of the world's smallest church with the dimensions of 51" x 81".

    • The Genesee River is one of the few rivers in the world that flows south to north.

    • New York State is home to 58 species of wild orchids.


Industries we service

  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Healthcare
  • Tattoo
  • Home Healthcare
  • And more!


6 Reasons to switch to PureWay!

  • Savings of up to 50% or more over other contracted services
  • No contracts, monthly fees or surcharges
  • Online compliance portal to help you maintain compliance
  • Online bill pay for easy billing
  • Auto-reordering to simplify the process


Services we offer

  • Sharps Disposal
  • Biohazardous Waste Disposal
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
  • Dental Clinical Waste Disposal
  • X-Ray Fixer & Developer Waste Recycling
  • OSHA Compliance training and programs
  • No contracts, monthly fees or surcharges


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