Safe Needle Disposal

Safe Needle disposal for professional and personnel use.

Sharps Disposal

What are needles or sharps? 

The term Sharps is a medical term used to describe blunt objects with sharp points or edges that can penetrate or cut skin.  

Examples of sharps include:

  • Needles used to inject medication under the skin
  • Syringes - a device used to draw fluid or inject medication into the body
  • Cap needles 
  • Scalpel blades and more

Safe Needle Disposal Simplified

Small Quantity Generators of needles or sharps should use a mail back system for safe needle disposal.  A mail back system for needle disposal includes a sharps container, shipping box, prepaid return shipping label, and all materials needed to safely contain and ship sharps.  


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Sharps Disposal
sharps disposal multi-pack system


Needle disposal options

Needle disposal options are simple.  There are three types of mail-back systems available for the disposal of your used sharps or needles.  

  • Single Needle Disposal System - One container (various sizes available) with a single mail-back box and materials.
  • Multi-Pack Needle Disposal System - Multiple containers (various sizes available) with a single mail-back box and materials.
  • Collection Bin Needle Disposal System - One large collection bin is used to collect sharps containers (no loose sharps).

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E-Certificates for safe needle disposal

Electronic notifications and certificates are provided to keep you informed on where your waste is in the disposal process and the proper documentation needed to ensure your practice is compliant. 

Documentation for Sharps Disposal


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