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No matter how much or what kind of waste your office generates, we have the right solution to properly manage your waste and keep your practice compliant. With PureWay’s services, you can be sure that not only the animals that you lovingly treat are safe, but that your staff and the environment are healthy as well.


Veterinarians need a cost-effective way to dispose of all used sharps waste, such as needles and syringes. Whether you are a small quantity generator or medium/large quantity generator of waste, PureWay can help reduce both your disposal volume and expenses by as much as 50% or more!

Small Quantity Generators of Waste: 0-50 lbs of waste per month

Our convenient sharps ship-back systems (available in sizes ranging from 1-quart to 28-gallon systems) include collection containers and a pre-paid shipping box for recycling. There are no contracts, minimum purchases or fuel surcharges. Simply pick your preferred size and purchase as needed – it’s that easy!

Medium & Large Quantity Generators of Waste: 50+ lbs of waste per month

PureWay has partnered with medical waste haulers in every state and negotiated the lowest rates for our customers. With our exclusive network, we guarantee that your location is serviced properly and that you only pay for what you need—without the hassle of contracts or extraneous fees.

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Photochemical waste is generated by veterinary offices during x-ray photo processing and requires special care due to its high silver content. To quickly and easily treat fixers and developers for either manual or automatic processors, we recommend an on-site filtration system like Chemgon. For the disposal of both used lead aprons and lead foil (a byproduct of analog x-ray machines), Pureway recommends one of our lead foil disposal systems.

Our filtration system processes up to 15 gallons of fixer, eliminating the need for a contracted pickup service.  This one-of-a-kind system reduces costs by preparing fixer for disposal down the drain.

Lead foil, a by-product of analog x-ray machines, may simply be collected and returned for recycling in one of our lead foil disposal buckets

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Unused or expired user medication requires proper handling, especially under the new Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act (RCRA). Regardless if you have RCRA-controlled substances or non-RCRA non-controlled substances, PureWay has the right solution for you.

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PureWay offers the most comprehensive and fully customized compliance programs in the industry. Regardless of your office’s needs, size or location, we can create a site-specific OSHA & Infection Control Compliance Program that satisfies all OSHA and CDC requirements, from pre-filled OSHA Administration binders to complete compliance plans according to your federal, state and county regulations. Plus, each program comes with annual CE credit opportunities as well as access to our certified compliance experts to help assess the risks in your office and answer any compliance-related questions you may have. In addition, PureWay carries a variety of OSHA-compliant radiation detection badges to continually monitor the amount of radiation your staff is exposed to.

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