On July 14th, 2017 the EPA’s final ruling became effective, requiring the use of an Amalgam Separator under the Clean Water Act to control the discharge of mercury and other metals into publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) from dental practices.  (EPA Effluent Guidelines

Made and engineered in Austria, the ECO II+ Amalgam Separator is the ideal solution to satisfy this EPA requirement. It is an upgraded version of the previous ECO II Amalgam Separator with enhanced features and even simpler installation.  Its compact design, zero maintenance, and low cost make it the perfect addition to any dental office. Through sophisticated product design and advanced engineering, the ECO II+ is the finest amalgam separation system available worldwide. The Eco 2 family of amalgam separators is currently in use in over 5,000 dental offices in the U.S. and over 200,000 worldwide.

ECO II+ Amalgam Separator

Why the ECO II+ Amalgam Separator? The ECO II+ Amalgam Separator was engineered to be elegant, effective, and simple. As the leading amalgam separator in Europe after 15 years of popularity there, the ECO II+ has recently taken the American market by storm as well.  The ECO II+ is known for its compact, easy-to-use design that is ideal for dental offices requiring amalgam separation.


  • Even easier installation and higher flow rate than the previous version
  • No disruptive vacuum loss! Engineered to ensure no loss of suction.
  • Low cost, saving dentists hundreds of dollars compared to competing systems
  • Online documentation and e-mail maintenance alerts
  • Flexibility to work with almost any vacuum system
  • ECO II + Mobile App Now Available (See down Below)


  • ISO 11143 certified (exceeds ISO standards, achieving more than 99.3% filtration efficiency)
  • Pre-vacuum installation: up to 10 chairs and a tandem option for up to 20 chairs
  • Compact design: 8.7” x 8.7” x 13.8”
  • Works with wet and dry vacuum systems
  • Easy replacement every 12 months or once full
  • Recycling certificates automatically sent to each office and available online 24/7
  • Made and engineered in Austria
Amalgam Separator
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Product Description/Sku Number

  • ECO II + Installation Kit 51002
    Includes Installation Materials 
  • ECO II + Recycling Kit 51004
    Includes Recycling Materials for Exchange and Recycling of your current system. 

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Does the ECO II+ system work with all vacuums?

Yes, the ECO II+ is compatible with 99% of vacuum systems on the market. View our manual for placement options as the ECOII+ works with both wet and dry vacuum systems.  View our certified independent installers list for assistance with installers in your area.

Where should the ECO II+ be installed?

On a dry vacuum system, you have the option to install before the dry vac (refer to the wet vac instructions) or after the air-water separation tank before the drain line.  Make sure the ECO II+ is positioned below the tank to allow gravity to drain the water through the ECO II+ into the drain line.  

On a Wet Vac or Wet ring pump, install the ECO II+ on the vacuum line before the pump. Please note:  Do not disconnect or bypass the evacuation cup. 

Note: The ECO II+ must be set on the black foundation brackets.  It cannot be placed upside down, horizontal or tilted.   The ECO II+ is meant to work with gravity, and it should be placed lateral or lower than the vacuum unit.    

What size vacuum or wastewater line is the ECO II+ compatible with?

Fittings included with the ECO II+ are compatible with ¾”, 1” and 1.5” inch hosing.  The Tandem (high volume) unit is compatible with lines up to 2”.

Does the ECO II+ require maintenance?

There is no daily or weekly maintenance necessary. The only maintenance required for the ECO II+ is to check the fill line each month and to replace the canister after 12 months or when full. These requirements are regulated by the EPA.

How do I order an ECO II+ and is it ISO certified?

Click on "Authorized ECO II+ Dealers" for a list of distributors who carry the ECO II+ and other products or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.   Please note:  we do not sell directly to dentists.

The ECO II+ is ISO Certified with 99.9% efficiency. It is manufactured in Austria, and PureWay compliance is the main supplier in the United States. 

Why is the ECO II+ canister filled with water?

The body chamber holds water during use to ensure continuous flushing of biohazard waste through the system with a continual rotation of water. 

What other products do I need?

Other mandated items include sharps disposal systems, amalgam buckets, and pharmaceutical waste systems.  Keep records of your certificates of destruction.  All PureWay systems are all-inclusive and do not require contracts.  Please ask one of our representatives for assistance.

What sets the ECO II+ apart from its competitors?

- Our compact one body design supports 1-10 chairs.
- Our system from top to bottom stands at a compact 12.2 inches in height and can be wall-mounted or placed on the floor.
- It works with both wet & dry vac systems. 
- It comes with a free compliance management software that minimizes your paperwork to stay compliant.

Becoming compliant has never been easier, and at $599 with a replacement cost as low as $309.99 the ECO II+ tops out at being the most cost-efficient choice.  Do not let your office be left holding an oversized separator and price tag.   

Choose the ECO II+ - the most cost-efficient ISO 11143 (achieving more than 99.3% filtration efficiency) certified amalgam separator on the market today. Call 877-775-3030

Does the ECO 2 work on a Wet Vac and Dry Vac?

Yes, the ECO II+ works with both systems.

We have a central evacuation system, where should the ECO II+ be installed?

The ECO II+ or ECO II+ tandem is installed after the central evacuation system in the wastewater drain pipe. See the instruction manual for more details.

Does the ECO II+ system reduce suction?

No.  The superior engineering of the ECOII+ ensures sufficient water flow regardless of where it is installed and does not reduce suction or cut off water flow when full. The ECO II+ system operates with a simple in-through-out technology.  There is no redirection in the flow which allows the force of water to send the waste through the system, allowing the ECO II+ to separate the amalgam yet allowing the rest to pass through the system. 

How do I get my certificates of recycling?

Two options.  Register via the Warranty link here and you will receive an e-mail with your certificate after returning the ECOII+ canister for disposal using the prepaid shipping label.  We also offer to schedule a free UPS pickup. 

The second option is to provide your e-mail address when ordering the ECOII+, and you will automatically be enrolled in the e-certificate program.  For more information scroll down to the compliance section.

Who regulates amalgam separation and what is the one-time compliance report?

Requirements for amalgam separation have be outlined and are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Each State will handle this differently, and the mandate may be held by your state, city, county, or water district.  If you have not received a form, please keep your invoice and twelve-month logbook which can be found at the back of the manual.   At some point you will receive a form from one of the above-mentioned entities which will need to be completed and returned.  The manual will assist you with the information required to complete the form.  For assistance with the one-time compliance report, please refer to pages 4 & 5 of the ECOII+ manual.

Can I install the ECO II+ myself?

Yes, however, please ask yourself the following questions:

Do you know if you have a wet vac or a dry vac system?

Do you know what size hosing you will need to cut and which size hosing you will need to add?

Are you familiar with adaptors, sealants, glues etc.

PureWay compliance recommends that a professional installer or plumber install the system.  We work with a list of Certified Independents.  Please click here for more information.    

What is an Installation Rebate?

We are recommending the ECO II+ be professionally installed.  However, many dentists find it easy to install the ECO II+ themselves.  We offer an Installation rebate to assist in offsetting the price.  All rebate submissions must be submitted online and may take up to 12 weeks for processing.  The two forms that you will need to submit are an invoice from the distributor and an installation photo. 

ECO II+ Replacement and Installation Instructions


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