What is OSHA Training and what courses do I need?

OSHA Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created to “ensure safe and healthful working conditions for workers by setting and enforcing standards by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance”. OSHA offers many different training options that allow people to learn about first aid training, fire watch requirements, OSHA hazard assessment, personal protective equipment (PPE), electrical safety, employee emergency plans, machine guarding, and other guidelines. So how can you get involved with OSHA training? In the article below you will find information about OSHA training for 30 hours, OSHA training for 10 hours, and OSHA training online. PureWay offers an OSHA compliance program that covers federal OSHA requirements for OSHA training, safety planning, and more.


OSHA Training - 30 Hours

First, let’s discuss who can take the OSHA Certification 30-hour training courses. Employers and employees can complete the OSHA 10 and 30-hour safety training courses taught by authorized trainers. OSHA 30 is intended for supervisors and workers with safety responsibility. So what are my 30-hour training options? 

 OSHA Certification is done directly through OSHA and provides two different programs for their 30-hour training. Option one covers the compliance requirements for the construction industry, while the other is designed for safety supervisors and field managers. Option two is the general industry training program, a small refresher course for managers, and an introductory safety course for new workers. The overall training program covers Industrial hygiene, making emergency action plans, reporting workplace hazards, permit requirements, the OSHA inspection process, and health and safety programs.

 When considering taking the OSHA 30, it is easy to see all of the many benefits provided through the completion of the program. By finishing the 30-hour training, employees will “know how to recognize, avoid, and prevent common workplace hazards”, says Safety By Design. 

 OSHA lists benefits of taking the 30-hour training course as teaching workers how to: identify potential safety hazards such as lack of space around electrical equipment; reduce hazards through proper handling of equipment; the proper arrangement of the workplace; donning the proper personal protective equipment (PPE); eliminate future hazards; and how to report hazards to managers. Taking the OSHA 30 helps provide workers with knowledge and skills that keep the workspace safe and prevent injuries. If the 30-hour programs don’t work for you, try the 10-hour or online courses!


OSHA Training - 10 hours

 OSHA 10 is typically for entry-level employees, intended to give workers a greater awareness of typical job-related safety and health hazards. In the OSHA 10 training, you learn basic safety and health information. So, who should take this course? 

 The OSHA Outreach Training Program is voluntary, however, employers may require you to earn an OSHA 10 card before you start work. According to the OSHA website, this training is also mandatory in certain states, cities, and local jurisdictions. If you work in any industry other than construction, agriculture, or maritime, OSHA considers you a general industry worker. In this case, it is recommended that you should take the OSHA 10 General industry course. 

 What are the benefits of earning an OSHA 10 card? The OSHA 10-hour training is recommended as an introductory orientation to occupational safety and health for general industry workers. It teaches students general awareness about identifying and preventing workplace hazards. OSHA lists the benefits of taking the 10-hour training as reduced workplace accidents, an affordable way for companies to become OSHA compliant, and the new standard for mandated health and safety programs. 

 After completing the 10-hour training, you will receive an OSHA certification card to understand safety protocols and meet federal, state, and local training requirements. By taking the OSHA 10 or 30-hour training, you better understand safety and health information to benefit your business.

OSHA training

OSHA Training - Online

 Now that you know about the 30-hour and 10-hour programs, you’re probably wondering if it’s all in-person. The short answer is, no. The OSHA 10-hour training course is offered online so you can complete the program from home at your own pace. This is the same for the OSHA 30-hour training! You can complete the course and earn an official OSHA 10 card from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), a common requirement for employment in construction and other industries. For more information on online programs, visit this site.



Do OSHA 30-hour cards expire?

Never! Your OSHA 30 card does not expire; however, your employer may make you retake the course in order to refresh your memory every couple of years.


What is the online OSHA training like?

The online training includes audio narration, quizzes, real-life scenarios, access to an OSHA-authorized trainer to answer your questions, and more. 


Why should I receive OSHA 30-hour training?

Finishing this intensive training and earning an official OSHA 30 card from the DOL is a typical requirement for employment in many industries.


OSHA Training for Healthcare Facilities

PureWay offers a full suite of OSHA compliance training options and documentation options for your healthcare facility.  The best way to evaluate your current status is to complete PureWays online assessment and review with a compliance specialist.  To complete your online assessment visit https://www.pureway.com/assessment