PureWay Proudly Partners with Safe Needle Disposal to Provide At-Home Sharps Users with Comprehensive Waste Management and Educational Services


PureWay, a health-focused organization specializing in medical waste management and compliance solutions, is proud to partner with Safe Needle Disposal, a non-profit dedicated to educating the public about safe needle

disposal programs. At-home sharps injectors will now not only have access to a user-friendly informational resource and regulatory experts to help answer all their sharps-related questions, but they will also be able to responsibly and affordably dispose of their needles with new Safe Needle Disposal.

Every year, approximately 9 million Americans throw their used needles in the trash or flush them down the toilet, due to two main problems: a lack of transparent and consistent federal regulations as well as poorly publicized disposal alternatives for at-home users. Unfortunately, this is a serious public health issue, since anyone who is punctured by an improperly disposed needle could potentially develop life-threatening bloodborne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS.

“We’ve always believed that the most effective way to prevent sharps-related injuries was through education. With the rise of diabetes and the public’s growing concerns around HIV, there was no better time to partner with Safe Needle Disposal,” said PureWay COO, Jeffrey Miglicco. “In addition, we designed our easy-to-use Sharps Disposal Systems with self-injectors in mind. Our containers are 20% larger than the industry standard and come with a prepaid return shipping box, pre-filled manifest and auto-reorder options to save users time and money.”

Through the partnership with Safe Needle Disposal, PureWay continues to stay true to its mission of protecting humans and the environment alike from the dangers associated with improper healthcare waste disposal. Sharps users can learn more or place an order by contacting PureWay toll-free at 877-765-3030 or online at http://www.PureWay.com.

Safe Needle Disposal